Who We Are

SSAPU; the South Sudan Agriculture Producers Union is founded to unite farmers, alleviate poverty from member communities, give support, knowledge The South Sudan Agricultural Producers Union, SSAPU, was initiated in Juba; the capital of the Republic of South Sudan in 2010 by concerned farmers. It was registered in 2011 as an organization at the Ministry of Justice and in the Chamber of Commerce as agribusiness entity with Registration Number: 927. Its founding members are from the most States of the Republic of South Sudan (RSS) and research on commercial farming. Over 4,000 members have registered with SSAPU and more others are seeking registration.


SSAPU was founded out of conviction and knowledge that the organizational and institutional forms and practices that give shape to society are not capable of changing society economically through agriculture.


SSAPU targets agricultural change and transformation. The purpose is to provide organizational development of services to farmers and groups in their capacities to become more productive and effective in the agricultural sector being the backbone of the nation economy.

Problem Statement

Right on its onset SSAPU is facing a number of challenges that hindered its planned production capacity.


The difficulties experienced are: lack of operational capital, machinery, improved seeds, extension services, feeder roads to the fertile lands, land clearance and lack of communication facilities for sharing of information and experience.


The most arable lands where the farmers are engaged are out of telephone network. So it becomes difficult to share information with the rest of farmers.


As the New Republic of South Sudan has emerged for over two decades of war, the hosts of financial needs are many.

In order for SSAPU to enlarge their farms and increase the production of staple food they are in dare need of credit funds that can be reimbursed after agreed upon between the creditor and SSAPU.

Last Projects